Antigen Testing: How it will work

When a parent receives a ‘detected’/positive PCR COVID-19 test result on their child, they should notify the school principal immediately.

The school principal will inform the parents of the children in the case’s pod that they are close contacts of a confirmed COVID-19 case. The name of the case or any other details will not be shared.

The school principal will identify the children in the case’s pod, and inform their parents, offering the opportunity to order antigen tests from the distribution company.

The antigen tests will be posted  by an antigen test distribution company to the parents of the children in the pod.

Parents carry out the antigen test on the day that they receive it and every second day until three tests have been done.

The children in the pod can continue to attend school as long as they remain asymptomatic and their antigen test results remain not detected.

It is not mandatory for children to participate in antigen testing. Children who are in a pod where a child has tested positive for COVID-19 can continue to attend school, whether they participate in antigen testing or not, provided that they are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.


If a child’s antigen test indicates a positive result:

If an antigen test is positive, the child isolates at home and the child’s parent/guardian logs onto the HSE to request a PCR test.

The antigen test distribution company will record the numbers of antigen tests distributed, batch numbers and the names of the relevant schools.

You will need your own eircode and the school's roll number which is 20196i


If a child develops symptoms of COVID-19:

If at any stage a child becomes symptomatic they should isolate at home and organise a COVID-19 PCR test if indicated. A 'not–detected' antigen test holds no value in this situation of a symptomatic child.

In a case where two or more cases arise in a class, within a seven-day period, outside of a single pod, antigen testing will be offered to the full class.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Reminders for Parents:
    • Do not congregate at or near school during drop off and collection times
    • Communication with the school must take place by phone or online
    • School policy in relation to children with symptoms of COVID-19.  Do not to send children to school if they are: 
      • close contacts of a person with COVID-19 
      • are awaiting a test 
      • are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
      • if they live with someone who has symptoms of the virus 
      • if they have travelled outside of Ireland (see latest Govt. advice – click here) 
      • Children from 3rd class upwards are asked to wear a face covering once they enter school grounds. Children arriving without a face covering will be offered one by a staff member.